Friday, February 17, 2012

Chord dan Guitar Pro Rosemary - Miracle


Intro : A Bm C#m D

A                   E
I cannot be somebody else
F#m            D
If I can live without her
A            E                         F#m  D
Girl you know I love you so

A              E
I want to feel the same
F#m           D
If I have to live with another girl
A                 E                    F#m  D
Thats why I cant let you go

I could understand
What can I do for you?
A                                       E
You are the most beautiful girl that I know
Why can understand
What I can do for them
A                                     E
We have to find a miracle

A                   E
I want to be a superman
F#m                 D
But you know really who I am
A            E                 F#m  D
We can do it for to long
A                     E
Show me the way for me
F#M                         D
As you want me to be a gentleman
A             E                               F#m  D
Take me down and you will find
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Guitar Pro


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